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Patients trust Doctors almost implicitly. Most doctors, healthcare professionals, and healthcare facilities operate in an ethical and competent manner. However, some individuals fail to meet the standard of care when treating patients, leading to further injuries and damages: sometimes even death.

Medical malpractice claims can include failure to properly diagnose, failure to properly monitor, errors during surgery, failure to communicate or inform patients of risks, failure to properly treat, and even improper or incompetent use of equipment. It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive, but merely illustrative.

If you or a loved one has been injured during the course of treatment by a medical professional, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Brent M. Ferrel for a consult today.

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    What Constitutes Medical Malpractice?

    Medical malpractice, or medical negligence, occurs when a healthcare professional fails in the follow required standards of care and injures a patient as a result. In legal terms, it means that there was a duty of care owed to a patient, and the health professional violated this duty, which caused the patient’s injuries and damages.

    Pursuing a medical malpractice claim can be costly and difficult. To make matters worse, doctors will often insist the situation was just one of those unavoidable complications. In all medical malpractice cases, the injured individual must be able to prove how the health provider caused their injury. This requires hiring medical experts who can help establish a case. Our firm fronts all case expenses, including the costs of experts. We only ask to be reimbursed if we win the case.

    If you are a victim of medical malpractice, it is extremely important that you speak to an Experienced Certified Trial Lawyer with experience in field of medical malpractice. Proving up your case and showing what actually went on behind closed hospital doors is a daunting challenge and should only be undertaken by a lawyer with experience in the field of medical negligence. 

    Surgery Medical Malpractice

    All surgeries involve risks but surgical negligence goes beyond the known risks and can include:

    • Injuring nerves or ligaments during the procedure;
    • Leaving equipment or material inside the patient’s body;
    • Operating on the wrong body part;
    • Incorrectly performing the incision; and
    • Administrating pre-and post-operative medication incorrectly.

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